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Musician, Producer & Sound Engineer

About Me

"One of Africa's most prolific and talented music producers, Jaaz Odongo has been recording music from a young age, developing a great passion for the creation production and presentation of music in all its forms.

His father Jack Odongo, a renowned Keyboard player and producer in Kenya who played with the band African heritage in the 70’s & early 80’s among other things is one of his biggest influences and played a huge role in shaping his musical genius.

With now over 10 years’ experience in his field he has worked with the best artists and brands both in Kenya and around the world.

Jaaz also runs Motion Image & Sound Ltd which is a boutique production house, record label and events company focused on music centric productions that bring together talented creatives to work on various projects both in entertainment & corporate world.

Jaaz continues to be involved with young upcoming artists breaking ground on what is quickly becoming known as the new sound of Nairobi as he contributes to an ever growing and buzzing scene.
His passion is music. His mission is developing great talent. His vision is creating bonafide superstars and an amazing creative economy where talent thrives and life if beautiful."


We are Africa’s future.


Artists I've Worked With


New Music


“I wouldn't be where I am today were in not for this man's faith. He saw something in me that many didn't or chose not to see, and gave me my first opportunity to record my music.


My first album "Fenamenon" was a labor of love from Jaaz to me, and I remain forever indebted to him and his family for their support. A master of his craft, Jaaz is a brilliant music producer and sound engineer... A true musical genius.”

—  Fena Gitu, Musician